International Documentary Challenge March 1-5, Sign-up today!

Hi Zloog Readers,

There’s a pretty great non-Zooppa competition coming up at the beginning of March. It’s the International Documentary Challenge! Make a short (4-7 minute) documentary in just five days. Top films will make their world premiere at North America’s largest documentary festival, the Hot Docs Canadian International Documentary Festival.

On the day it starts, filmmakers are assigned a theme (past themes include Dreams/Nightmares, Movement) and must choose between two assigned documentary genres (such as Character Study, Music, 1st Person, etc.) You then have 5 days to conceive, shoot, and edit your film and then get it in the mail.

A piece called “Ars Magna” that was made for the competition a few years ago was even nominated for an Emmy!

Ars Magna from Cory Kelley

Here’s a video brief from the International Doc Challenge:

It’s an exhilarating challenge for any filmmaker and I highly recommend it. Sometimes making films is a marathon, so it’s nice to do a couple sprints every now and again.

Full Disclosure/Shameless Plug: I participated myself last year and had a grand time making my film 36 Bicycles

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