It’s Good to Be A Geek

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Ciao Zooppers!

How are your videos coming along? Ideas pumping? Creativity flowing? Well, we want to support you guys in your creative endeavors and give you more insight on MegaPath’s vision for their contest:

We really loved the MegaPath Tech Talk Early Entry Contest winning video, “I’m IT” because it plays on the trend of presenting geekiness in a new light… it’s cool to be a geek these days, especially when we consider that the modern world relies on information technology in countless ways. The world needs more geeks. The idea of a geek is constantly and consistently being refined to bear new connotations, like coolness and even sexiness. As a matter of fact, it turns out that the unlikeliest of people are so called geeks. From a rather unlikely website I found a fun definition of geek, i.e. “someone who has a passion for something that isn’t mainstream”. You’ll also find a list of celebrities and what makes them geeky. Click here to read it.

The new vibe is that it’s cool to be extremely specialized in something, and in our case in information technology. For businesses it’s imperative to stay current with the times; that’s where MegaPath comes in and sweeps them off their feet with skill, agility and accuracy.

So, what’s it gonna be, Zooppers? Are you able to demonstrate MegaPath as an IT company that provides not only outstanding IT services, but also some much appreciated swag?

Good luck!

Ciao belli,


Jasmine Moore

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