It’s Oscar Weekend. Get Yo Drink On!

Okay, I don’t mean get wasted and fall into a drunk slumber for no reason…but since it’s Oscar weekend, why not get sloshed and toast to the talented? Get yourself a crew, drown a bag of jolly ranchers in a bowl of vodka (or if you’re not comfortable with that, whiskey will always do) and celebrate those who will make more money in a second than we will earn in a whole week.

Instead of festering around the couch making small talk, pretending you know everything about all the movies up for awards, thinking about how you’re going to nurse this hangover before your alarm wakes you out of your coma tomorrow morning, take advantage of this day and get yo’ drink on. My advice? Play drinking games…specifically these ones:

*someone has a bad reaction to losing

*….or just looks like a bitch

*whenever The Artist is mentioned (this alone will most likely leave you laying face down in your living room, so maybe take half a sip on this one)

*a winner thanks God during their speech

*a winner gets speech gets cut off by music

*someone forgets who they’re wearing

*your winning prediction is wrong

*someone tears up when accepting their award

*Billy Crystal makes a joke about being Eddie Murphy’s replacement

*you see side boob

*someone gets censored,

*every time Joan Rivers makes fun of a celebrity to their face

*someone trips

*pick someone who looks ridiculous and drink every time you see them

This is just a small collection of the endless possibilities. With more rules comes more opportunity to end up running around shirtless repulsing every attendee of your party. Have fun. Be safe, and enjoy the Oscars!

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