It’s the End of the Human Reign: 3 Ways We Could Die Off


It’s the most eternal yet most depressing question: How will the world end? We’ve asked you to weigh in on your best guesses. But in a world of endless mystery, anything is plausible. Here are three…unexpected ways the world could end:

1.) Feathered Frenzy: The Birds (1963): It may be a pinch farfetched, but hey: it’s not like director Alfred Hitchcock gives a damn what you think. He ignored the cliché themes of his day including nuclear war and alien invasion. Instead, Hitchcock used vicious, bloodthirsty birds as the antagonists of his best-known horror and left the audience hanging, never fully understanding the reason for the attack. Caution to ornithophobiacs: Best bypass this classic.

This still may be one of the most terrifying yet original apocalyptic interpretations to date.

2.) Attack of the Ape-Like Zombies: 28 Days Later (2002):

What is it about monkeys in horror movies that are so unsettling? Is it the possibility of humans reverting to our post-evolutionary forms and losing our uniquely hominal qualities? Or maybe it’s the petrifying idea that we might get really hairy…

Nevertheless, give us an infectious disease that preys upon the human population and turns us into mindless primates? Instant skin-crawling creepiness, and blockbuster success. But 28 Days Later portrays much more than just rage-infected humans: Loss of all social order, an uncontrollable pandemic with no cure, and main characters struggling with the ethics of kill or be killed. Are you ready?

Researchers experimenting on animals: Take note of how your type was killed off first.


3.) Alien Invasion: Independence Day (1996): Will Smith single-handedly made the “wife-beater “shirt popular and couldn’t be more of a badass in this film: Punching evil slimy aliens, flying foreign spaceships and nonchalantly smoking cigars while blowing up an earth-sized mothership. My only complaint is that Fresh Prince didn’t rap.

But in the end the real hero is a war-veteran gone alcoholic after being abducted by aliens. If you’re a self-proclaimed softy, his gutsy journey will make you misty-eyed. Independence Day mixed action and sentiment and voila! Out came this masterpiece.

There’s no better way to celebrate American domination–er, I mean America’s birthday than saving the world. Go ‘Merica!

How do you think the world will end? Will bloodthirsty piranhas sprout legs and devour us? Have you built a house like this for the day when vampires attack? Will cell phones will give us all fatal brain tumors? Share it.

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