It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year: Sundance Film Festival 2012







Indie film buffs have been counting down this festival by the second, but even if you’re not a true bargain-hunting, vintage-collecting, independent-film lover, the 2012 Sundance Film Festival poses true talent. Here are just a few flicks that caught my eye while perusing through the competition list.

1.) Simon-Killer:

After graduating college and traveling to Paris before facing off with the real world, a young man falls in love with a prostitute.

I’m considering digging into my savings-pool just to buy a ticket for this movie. The synopsis for this flick sounds like it has all the essentials for a twisted and turbulent love story that isn’t predictable.

2.) About the Pink Sky:

When a young girl stumbles upon a wallet full of money and tracks down it’s owner, “unexpected consequences ensue”.

Endless meanings lie behind this synopsis. Is she accused of theft? Is she nabbed by a band of crazies? Does she fall in love with an older man? I. Must. Know.

3.) The Last Elvis:

An Elvis enthusiast and impersonator battles with the belief that he is “The King” reincarnated in Buenos Aires.

Whether you love him or hate him, it’s undeniably fun to watch his pelvic thrusts (especially when it’s done by a wannabe). Elvis impersonators for decades have become somewhat of a pandemic, but “The King” returning to earth in human form? That’s a whole new crazy level I’m dying to see.

4.) Middle of Nowhere:

Director and screenwriter, Ava Duvernay portrays the struggle of a woman battling with maintaining her identity after her husband is incarcerated.

From what it appears, this film promises drama and the portrayal of a somewhat untold realistic plot in American society.

Check out the full Sundance 2012 competition slate here.

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