Jason Statham – What Makes A Man

Jason Statham, is, without a doubt, a man. Not to mention, probably, like, the greatest actor in the world. Probably.

I mean, who else could act like they have no heart, be a boxing promoter, and be a friend of Marky Mark. No one. Just Jason Statham. No need to wonder any further.

So, this upcoming movie of his, Safe might be his most ambitious work to date.  Truly in this movie (trailer below) he shows the mastery of his craft. (Usually the city he tears up is London, but this time it’s New York! Different.)

Will he be able to rescue this little girl that he just met? And beat up everyone ever? Hard to say. But if this movie is anything like the movie I see in my dreams, the answer is yes.




What do you think? Will this be a great movie, or a GREAT movie?

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