Jerry Seinfeld gave us a “crash” course in online videos.

As fellow creatives, most of us have heard and enjoyed Jerry Seinfeld’s first season of Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee. Yes, it had its moments of pure joy, (Ricky Gervais having a panic attack on the highway) and misses, (Alec Baldwin being a jerk to waitresses) three things were always constant, comedians, cars, and coffee. (Although there seemed to be more food than coffee.)

And that’s the beauty of the web series, which is produced by Crackle. (An offshoot of Sony.) They stick to the three main subjects, and let the content come out on it’s own. In my opinion, the most enjoyable moments are at the beginning, where the car is introduced. Jerry Seinfeld and his producers made the car a character of the series. And it works, very well. At times, the car is deeply integrated into the story. (Going back to Mr. Gervais here.)

That got me thinking, what other cases are there where the car is an essential character in a production?  Sure, we could name Herbie or Knight Rider, or other movies / TV shows where the cars come alive, but that’s cheating. As an object, which car makes the most lasting impression, and how can we use that in our videos that we create? Leave a comment with your thoughts. Remember, this is a good creative exercise, especially with the Checkered Flag Hyundai contest currently going on.


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