Join us on Vine! Create 6 second videomaking tips, tricks and behind the scenes!

Zooppa is on Vine, and we want you to join us!  We think it would be great to see some 6 second filmmaking tips from all the extraordinary and talented Zooppers in our community. What nuggets of knowledge can you impart to your fellow Zooppers? Do you have SFX tricks? Maybe a behind the scenes look at your latest Zooppa submission? Do you have any acting tips? You can show off your knowledge and help your fellow community members all in one (or two or three!) 6 second clips.

Download the Vine App and look for Zooppa. Follow us, and then create your 6 second video making tip.  Tag Zooppa when you post and we’ll feature the best tips on our blog. Join us on Vine today!

Meme E

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