Jones Soda Launches Two Campaigns With Zooppa

Innovative soft drink brand seeks user-generated advertising for image update, product roll-out

Seattle, WA, February 6, 2009—Beginning today, Zooppa launches two advertising competitions in partnership with Jones Soda, one to develop the innovative soft drink brand’s new advertising campaign, and another to roll-out Jones GABA, a unique new functional beverage. Jones Soda, whose combination of high quality ingredients and spirit of adventure has produced innovations in both soft drink flavors and marketing strategies, has found a natural partner in Zooppa, the social advertising venture. Each company strives to involve consumers in brand development and marketing.

“This is truly a meeting of like-minded organizations,” said Zooppa CEO Wil Merritt. “By working with Zooppa’s creative community, Jones is guaranteed to get a ton of ads just as edgy and innovative as they are.”

Since 1996, Jones has upended every convention in the world of soft drinks. From its innovative flavors, such as Orange Cola, Green Apple and Blue Bubble Gum and its exclusive use of pure cane sugar, to its award winning product design, including photographs of real consumers on its labels, Jones has sought a unique level of interaction with its consumers. Jones seeks to expand on this customer interaction and to update its image by partnering with Zooppa, whose user-generated advertising platform brings real consumers together with major brands in a dynamic creative community.

Zooppa community members, or Zooppers, will compete to create video, print, web ads and concepts that redefine Jones Soda for a new generation of independent thinkers. Jones is seeking ads that reflect the irreverence, rebellion and individualism on display in common spaces both real and virtual such as skate parks, snowboard hangouts and social networking sites.

Zooppers will also compete to create ads introducing Jones GABA to the world. Long popular in Asia, GABA (Gamma-aminobutyric acid) is a naturally occurring amino acid noted for its beneficial effect on mood, focus and stress-levels. Jones is the only U.S. company marketing a GABA-based soft drink.

Among its fans GABA is thought to bring about calm, improve focus and reduce stress. While GABA is naturally manufactured in the brain, factors such as high stress and poor diet may cause GABA production to slow. Consumption of GABA can heighten mental activity and raise energy levels without the negative side effects associated with consumption of caffeine.

Competition winners will be chosen by Jones and the Zooppa community via online voting. Prizes for each contest total $7,000. Both the Jones Soda competition and the Jones GABA competition will be open to Zooppa community from Friday, February 6 until Friday, April 19.

About Zooppa

Zooppa is the first company to create a space online for social advertising through user-generated content. Zooppa is an innovative new advertising model that connects people from all over the world to a creative community-of-interest. This community is composed of people who want to make, see, or buy great creative work that will influence people and sell product. Members worldwide are invited to create their own ads such as videos, print, banners, radio and even conceptual treatments for sponsoring brands. Zooppa community members vote for the best ads whose creators received cash awards and industry recognition. For more information see http://www.zooppa.com

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