Keep It Classy, Zooppers

Hi everyone. You’ve all been uploading some really great ads lately, and we couldn’t be more excited about the success of our recent competitions. Every now and then, however, someone submits something that just isn’t okay.

Sometimes this is an ad that trades in tasteless sex or violence. Sometimes it’s an ad that just doesn’t have anything to do with the creative brief. Either way, it’s a real downer when a puerile or off-brand ad comes along to take wind out of our user-generated sails.

So we’re going to be a little more vigilant about this sort of thing going forward. If we see an ad that doesn’t follow the brief, or that uses violence or sex appeal without good reason, we’ll remove it from the site.

If your ad is removed, we’ll send you an email explaining why. Often a small edit or two will get your ad back on the up and up. The important thing is to make sure all the ads on Zooppa are tasteful and on-message.

Thanks for understanding, everybody. And thanks for all your great work. We can’t wait to see your next ad!

Meme E

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