Keep Those Webtel.mobi Ads Coming!

Our Webtel.mobi competition has already received a bunch of great ads. Our thanks to everyone who’s submitted, commented and voted already.

We figure you’re all just putting an extra polish on your masterworks before uploading, but in case you’re worried about anything in the brief or which category your ad fits into, let us say this: Don’t sweat it.

You can’t win if you don’t play, right? So even if you’re not totally sure that your ad follows the brief to a tee, go ahead and upload it… And if you’re not sure which category to enter your video in, just choose Freestyle. Or let us assign a category for you.

This contest is a really great opportunity to get some major exposure and win some serious moolah. So upload your ads right away!

Meme E


  1. Yea, I have to be honest, I’m very surprised there’s isn’t a ton more videos… but there could be a ton in the works and people are just taking all the time necessary. Which is completely understandable for such huge prizes. My next one is going to take me a little while longer than the others. :D

  2. yeah i agree cauthier i thought there would be A LOT more entries by now. But hey without the prizes being all based on votes people probably are not pressured to get their ad up asap, so they spend a bit more time making it perfect.

    I am filming next sunday for my ad. should be up soon if we can get all the shots that day!

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