King Kong Winners

It’s hard to know what to say about the King Kong contest. Except maybe “wow”.

The quality of the submission for this contest is astounding. The Zooppa community really went above and beyond.

There were submissions that were truly scary, submissions that were funny, submissions that weaved both funny & scary in…Totally astounding.

Congratulations to everyone who contributed to this contest. Here are the winners.

King Kong Client Awards

Client Award 1st Place

Aperture Studios, Animal Control

Client Award 2nd Place

BenL, Talent Agent

Client Award 3rd Place

KennadyScott, Bully

King Kong Zooppa Award

SpencerMorin, Kongfounded

King Kong Community Awards

Community Award 1st

guerillamktg, FOOT MARK

Community Award 2nd

Illimani, Burning Rome

Community Award 3rd

Gutterez, All Fled?

Community Award 4th

Akorda, The Return of the Kong

Community Award 5th

Zeno, The End

Community Award 6th

ApertureStudio, Animal Control (Also won 1st place client prize – see above)

Community Award 7th

Anjester, Hey! Throw Away the Garbage!

This video is under review.

Thanks to everybody who created a King Kong video. They were absolute knockouts.

Jasmine Moore

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