Kit Kat has chosen you

Dear Zooppers,

we give you important news that will make you proud to be members of this community and confident in Zooppa’s capabilities.

News that made us very glad (cheers from Zooppa staff!): an old dream becoming true. Kit Kat decides to use two works on Zooppa for its official advertising campaign!

These works are: “One more time” by Monkybites, that will become a banner, and “Kit Kat, un break nella notte”, the radio ad by Dennyshow78 that will be used on Radio Deejay’s podcast.

Besides, Kit Kat has asked us the permission to personally contact someone of you to thank you for your partecipation… so take a look to your email box!

Beyond the quoted users, we considered this a great success for the Zooppa staff and for everyone who joins the contest: everybody benefits from it, so congratulation!

Zooppa is demonstrating to be not only a viral platform, where users can earn prizes, visibility, fun, innovation and dialogue. Zooppa is obtaining more and more trust from companies and this trust could be addressed to a focused use of your creativity.

Kit Kat has been very involved in this contest. Every posted video, print ad, radio ad, banner and concept has been carefully seen by the company. This care demonstrates that Zooppa could really be the intermediary between your creativity and the most innovative companies.

We hope that this will be the beginning of new possibilities.

Congratulations to you all from all Zooppa Staff!

Jasmine Moore

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