Lacrosse Stick Meets Watermelon Video Contest

Have you ever wanted to use a lacrosse stick to chuck a watermelon at your brother or sister’s head to see if their head will break the watermelon? I sure have and the best part is Reebok is holding a video contest where you can do just that!! Oh wait it says here in the contest “We won’t accept clips showing anyone or anything in danger.” Damn it Reebok, you take the fun out of everything.

But they’re looking for some amazing stick tricks that you can do with your lacrosse stick, something hard, challenging, and exciting. Don’t make the video too long it’s supposed to be only 30 seconds long. What if I win, what do I get?

There can be only one winner in Reebok’s contest and that person will receive: One pair 10K Shoulder Pads, one pair 10K Elbow Guards, one pair 10K Gloves, one 10K Lacrosse Head, one pair 10K Rib Pads, one Pro Roller Bag, one 10K O-Tech Handle, one pair of Cleats (size and style to be determined by Sponsor it its sole discretion), and one pair ZigTech Shoes.

According to their contest rules everyone who is 14 years old and over and a legal citizen of the fifty states can enter, except if you live in Maine, District of Columbia, and the people up north we call Canadians. Oh wait people from Quebec can enter. Is it just me or are Reebok singling people out? What’s next? You have to be 6’ with black hair and red freckles to enter the contest?

So get your videos to Reebok by July 7th 2011, except the folks in Main, DC, and everyone in Canada except Quebec. And as always good luck with your videos.

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