Last-minute tips for MegaPath

Hey kids! There is just one weekend left to submit to MegaPath!

If you haven’t considered this contest yet, it is a fun and easy one to do. Just 60 seconds of tech-talk-laden conversation. We’ve had some hilarious submissions so far, as well as adorable and heartwarming ones.

Here are some of my favorites so far:

The Seniors

Do You Ack?

I’m IT (the Early Entry winner)

Remember that there are 19 client-awarded prizes in this contest (plus five community, and 3 sharing). We’ve said this before, but we’ll say it again–here is what the client is looking for:

  • High production quality
  • Well thought-out plotline
  • Jargon is used correctly
  • Clearly demonstrates (in various ways) the idea of “It’s complicated, but not to us”
  • Lack of gutter/adolescent humor
  • Clever
  • Lack of stereotypical ‘IT Guy’

This contest closes Monday at 4 pm PST. Good luck!


Meme E

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