Late summer gift, to you.

It was a long, long time ago. iPhone hadn’t been released in Italy and we hadn’t heard anything about Negroni. Some of you maybe will remember and will be still consumed. It was the distant april, 2008, and Milan hosted a meeting of crazy creative people called Zooppa Happening. They came from all over the world. They came alone or in groups, with friends, consorts and lovers, called by a simple post on the then blog. To join it was enough sending an e-mail. In those times actually Facebook in Italian didn’t exist yet. It was a beautiful sunny journey. In fact also the newspaper Il Sole 24ore, if we remember well, gave this news on its first page. How many then things. So many that now memories looked buried. And instead, by chance, tiding up our dusty archives, we found this. We’ve been caught by a sudden jump. British Museum, immediately contacted, was said to be strongly interested. Auction house Christie hastens to make us a counteroffer. It’s a rare and precious historical document, which has a good 4-month existence. It’s too much, in the era of Internet. But we, in the end, decided to give it to you. Come on within our history.

Meme E

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