Let’s Give Them Something to Talk About: Zooppa presents at the WOMMA Summit in Las Vegas

What happens in Vegas, DOESN’T stay there.  Not anymore.  What happens in Vegas gets tweeted, uploaded, forwarded and shared.  What happens in Vegas can be found on Flickr, YouTube, Facebook and your best friend’s blog.  This week, what’s happening in Vegas is The WOMMA Summit.

WOMMA (Word of Mouth Marketing Association) is the premier non-profit organization dedicated to advancing and advocating word of mouth marketing as a solution to business challenges, and as a key component in the creation of “Talkable Brands”.  The WOMMA Summit is the official Word of Mouth Marketing industry conference which showcases the NEXT and BEST practices from some of the innovative and forward thinking brands in word of mouth and social media marketing.

Team Zooppa is excited to be a part of this innovative conference where CEO, Will Merritt, will share the WOMMA stage with Blake Bryant, SVP Marketing, Telepictures/Warner Bros. to present a case study on the effectiveness of generating buzz via a crowdsourced video competiton.  Their presentation, featuring a campaign Zooppa conducted for TMZ, will be delivered to an audience packed with representatives of powerhouse brands such as IBM, SONY, HP, Neiman Marcus and Gillette.

Word of Mouth, B.T. (Before Twitter):  When word of mouth was mouth to mouth.

Long before social media was part of the digital lexicon, social marketing was part of daily life.  Way before cell phones and the internet, before broadcast media took hold of the airwaves, smart businesses understood that people like to talk and took advantage of WOM marketing in it’s simplest form.

A favorite ad campaign of the early 80’s perhaps illustrates this best.

Meme E

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