Let Superpages plan your evening!

Hey Zooppa Blog faithful.  We’ve come up with a challenge for each and every one of you. But first, you need to download the Superpages App. Done? Great! Now, second, clear your calendar for tomorrow evening. Done? Great! Now we’re going to let Superpages plan our evenings.

1: Check the local weather.

2: Find a store that sells the appropriate attire for the weather

3: Find the nearest ATM to get cash to…

4: …pay for the cheapest nearby gas to put in your car

5: Find the cuisine of your choice

6: Find a terrific bar for after dinner drinks

7: Find a cab to take you from the bar…

8: … to the movie of your choice!

And all this info comes with the spin of wheel.  Is there more?  You bet there is! Download the app today to find out what your evening could be like and then film that story to enter into our Superpages contest on Zooppa!

Meme E

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