Life Better Served Winners Announced

Ciao Zooppers!

We’ve got word on the top 10 entries for Hormel’s Life Better Served contest! This one was a very unique contest as we got 90% of the videos in one day. You all waited to the last minute to get them in!

The winners are as follows:

1st Place: The Meal You Deserve by MikeBernstein

2nd Place: Hormel Compleats by drewberdale
3rd Place: Lunch Interrogation by Drywater
4th Place: Lunch Thief by aacrisp
5th Place: Only 90 Seconds To Catch Up With Me by GHC
6th Place: More Time For Me by davemax
there was a discrepancy earlier with 6th place, it has been resolved.
7th Place: To Dames of the 1950’s: Hormel Compleats by DeVonLeiLani
8th Place: TAKE EAT EASY by paolocerva
9th Place: Frozen Meats or Hormel Completes? by mikepagan
10th Place: Modern Mom: The Hormel Compleats Song! by briguy

Voting Awards Winners

1st Place: Enjoy Hormel, Enjoy your Life by VioletaCotero
2nd Place: Lunch Interrogation by Drywater
3rd Place: Hormel Compleats by Ashleywetzel
4th Place: Hormel Compleats – Warm Up Your Appetite by cbarrette3
5th Place: Lunch Thief by acrisp00

Thanks to all who participated! Don’t forget to check out the contests we have going on right now!

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