On Our Radar: Twitter Filters, Lyft Reaches 500 Million

Lyft hits a milestone. Twitter announces content controls in the wake of #WomenBoycottTwitter.

Lyft Hits 500 Million Rides 

The rideshare upstart announced its 500 millionth ride last week, an impressive number considering the company’s short 5 year history. Comparatively, Uber celebrated its 5 billionth ride a few weeks earlier but operates in over 85 countries compared to Lyft’s US-only approach.

Lyft app Lyft has quickly become a big contender for the US rideshare market, enjoying a favorable public opinion in comparison to Uber, whose string of scandals during the 2015-2016 years and frequent turnovers in top management have led to a public lack of trust in the giant.

As Lyft relocates to New York and continues to branch out—specifically investing heavily in self-driven cars—there’s potential for the company to gobble up more of the US rideshare market.


Long-Awaited Twitter Moderation 

In light of significant user outcry about the platform’s allowance of hate speech, sexual harassment and general unsavory conduct, Twitter logoTwitter CEO Jack Dorsey announced that Twitter will be rolling out a series of content controls for its users in the coming weeks. This came on the heels of a high-profile #WomenBoycottTwitter movement that drew some high-profile celebrity names like Rose McGowan and Chrissy Teigen in light of the Harvey Weinstein scandal.

While a step in the right direction, the third of the social “Big 3” has suffered a stumble in public opinion. Twitter’s user population has steadily declined—from 70 million to 68 million last quarter, and even more on a year-to-year basis. Though these new controls have yet to be rolled out, there’s hope that Twitter can begin trending in the right direction again.

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