Make a Video for MatchingDonors.com and get the Choice of Assistant Producing and/or Work & Credits with a Zooppa Guest Judge!

Hey Zooppers!,

It’s that time again! Submit a video for the MatchingDonors.com competition, and you have the chance to win two tickets to the Hollywood Awards® Gala in Hollywood, CA, along with a $5,000 cash prize. It gets better. The top three winners also gets a choice of assistant producing and/or work and credits on a select TV show, movie, or music video with one of Zooppa’s renowned guest judges!

MatchingDonors.com is an online non-profit organization that matches living organ donors with people in need of new organs. Your goal? Help MatchingDonors.com make potential consumers more aware of their brand by creating a 30-second Public Service Announcement in the form of a video that promotes, teaches about, or celebrates the living organ donors on MatchingDonors.com.

Mingling with celebrities, $5,000 cash, assistant producing and credits–what could be better? All videos most be uploaded by 9/13/11. Start your engines and put your organs to work!

Best of Luck,


Meme E

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