Make an Ad for Checkered Flag Hyundai!

Car shopping is exciting for some, but stressful for most. First you have to research whatcar to get. Then you have to compare prices with dealers online and in print. And don’t get me started on the dealership experience. The sleazy sales staff turns-off everyone.

What if I told you there’s a very modern and fun dealership out there that has a respectable and energetic sales staff? No, I’m not pulling your leg here, I’m talking about Checkered Flag Hyundai! With nine Checkered Flag dealerships, it is one of the market’s largest Hyundai dealers. They pride themselves on delivering the best possible sales and service experience. Checkered Flag Hyundai buyers feel as if they found the best place to buy a Hyundai. Period.

Here’s the gist of the ad. Make a 30 second video that convinces shoppers that, when you come looking for a car at an advertised price at Checkered Flag Hyundai, you’re gonna find it AND Checkered Flag Hyundai will have a huge selection of that car for you to choose from.

Yes, you’ll be awarded $6,000 if you win. And yes, Checkered Flag Hyundai might use that ad on television. But, here’s an incentive to not only create something for this contest, but to get it done sooner rather than later! If you send in your project and it is the best video uploaded before November 6th at 4pm PST, then you’ll win an extra $1,000!

We understand art takes time, but a little extra cash never hurt either, right? To check out the brief, click HERE!

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