Margaritaville Winners Announced! (Part 2)

We’ve got the final group of winners! Congratulations… (drum roll please…)

6th Place, $500: josephboyle, “Moon Palace”

7th Place, $500: zeek, “Dogs With Sunglasses”

8th Place, $500: Ericthomasfish, “You Can’t Fake Fun”

9th Place, $500: brinakaufman, “BotTender 5000”

10th Place, $500: OptimaMad, “I wanna be a show barman”

And the voting winners…

1st Place Voting, $1,000: MAXALVIANI, “Personal Barman”

2nd Place Voting, $500: chiaun, “heavenly given”

3rd Place Voting, $400: electronicole, “Parrot Party”

4th Place Voting, $300: diane1612, “my ultimate tool”

5th Place Voting, $200: Ericthomasfish (again), “You Can’t Fake Fun”

Well done, everybody! And don’t forget: MyCube is closing on Monday, Dec. 12!

Meme E

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