Zooppa Member of the Week: OutOfContext is In!

Meet the OutOfContext Team! They’re our featured Zooppa Community Member of the Week, and fortunately for us they’re here to share a bit about themselves with us!

Tell us a little about yourself.

“As a starting point, everything from now on will be written with ‘we’ because we are a trio of 25-years-old filmmakers: Matteo Banfo, Leopoldo Caggiano, Marco Circosta Garcia, two Italians and a half – Spanish guy. The three of us met about three years ago in a film school based in Milan. After graduation, we kept in touch while we all started building our own way into the movie and commercial industry. After several experiences in the field, we all agreed that something in the way things work in Italy didn’t match our expectations and dreams, so we decided to start making things differently, together.”

What are your experiences with filmmaking? 

“We all have had experiences in the field, everyone with his own background, both behind the camera and in front of a computer screen. All the ideas spread from the trio, but in detail: Matteo specialized in directing and thinking amazing stuff, Leopoldo in photography and making amazing things work visually, Marco stares at us, speechless, while editing the amazing stuff.”

What is your favorite film or video project? 

“We have different tastes in movies (and that’s what why we discuss a lot), with the only exception of our common love for the power of David Fincher’s films. Matteo really loves ensemble movies, and in particular his favorite film is Magnolia, by P.T. Anderson; Leopoldo’s a huge fan of brilliant comedies, Woody Allen on top, and his favorite movie is Wimbledon, by Richard Locraine; Marco is really fond of thriller movies, but somehow his favorite film is City Of God, by Fernando Meirelles.”


What is your favorite submission to Zooppa?

“We find hard to choose a single submission to talk about, because we enjoy the mood that every contest’s submission helps to create. By the way, we are particularly keen on all the videos that use irony, humor and a bit of disrespect of the most used rules of communication. We could give you some examples of those videos, but we won’t. We’re too envious of them.”

Do you have any tips and tricks for future contestants about how to win a contest?

“Be always out of context. But not like us. Otherwise we won’t win anymore.”

Thanks to all of you for tuning in, and thank you OutOfContext for your time! Now go out there and make a video!

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