Zooppa Member of the Week: Get Down With Sean Brown!

It’s time for another Zooppa community member of the week, and enjoy an exclusive look into the mind of Sean Brown, AKA “sqbrown86.” 

Tell us a little about yourself.

“My name is Sean Brown I’m a Director/Editor/GFX artist. I am currently working full time at North Avenue Post a busy post production facility in Atlanta GA. I’ve worked with a wide variety of clients including TBS, CNN, Disney, Discovery Channel, Coca-Cola, Verizon, The United States Marines, Children’s Health Care, American Cancer Society, Atlantic Records and many more. Outside of my day to day work as an editor/motion graphics artist I’ve Directed and shot a wide variety of commercials for contests. My website is sqbrown.com the majority of the commercials on my site were made for web contests but a few were actually for hire. Contests are a pretty awesome way to expand your skills, build your portfolio and win some cash.”

What is your favorite film or video project ever?

“It’s really tough to pick my favorite film but I’ll go with a classic….Ghostbusters.”

What is your favorite submission to Zooppa? 

My favorite submission to Zoopa is probably the Intel spot I made, Ha! just kidding. The intel spot was actually my first submission. I haven’t had time to really browse the videos on Zoopa but I’m sure there’s plenty of top notch work.

Do you have any tips and tricks for future contestants about how to win a contest?

“I’ve won about seven or eight contests on various internet sites. I work with my buddy Dave Williamson. I do the shooting, directing, editing and Dave creates the music and tweaks the audio. We are a pretty good team and combining both of our resources helps.  I think the biggest trick is knowing what the clients wants. You can never be 100% sure but if you read over the brief you’ll have a much better idea.  I’ve seen some good ideas that simply don’t fit the criteria. Read over the brief and try to focus on an idea that you can easily execute with your resources. Strong concepts will always beat out great production.”

To enter a contest of your own, head to the Zooppa Contest page.  

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