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Troy, Kiowa, Matt
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Hello Zooppsters! Welcome back from the extended weekend! Did you happen to dine out someplace fancy-schmancy with the fam? If so, you may relate to the problematic situation portrayed in the following award-winning video by RezFX! This film-making team has been selected to be profiled for our famous Member of the Week blog, after having submitted golden work for the Are You Interested contest. Check out their video “You Pick” below, followed by an interview that shows off their mad skills!

Tell us about yourself.

We are a three man video production team based in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Matt is the Director/Editor. Troy is the Music Producer/Writer/Actor. Kiowa is the Cinematographer/Editor. We all serve as producers and writers and sometimes switch up roles depending on the project.
Describe your film-making background. What got you started?

We met while filming an independent Feature called “East of Nowhere.” We’ve all had varying degrees of background in video and music production. Our first big collab as RezFX was on a Southern Comfort commercial called: “Lingo Cops” which became a nationally run continuing series for the company.

Since then, we’ve created and produced national commercials for companies like Volkswagen, AutoTrader, Jamba Juice, Mattel, UPS and others. We recently just produced a Designated Driving campaign for Brown Foreman (Southern Comfort/Jack Daniels), which should be out soon.

Share with us your creative process. What have you found inspiring?

1.) Comedy usually comes first to us, so we start by making stupid jokes.
2.) We argue about what ideas will work.
3.) We make more stupid jokes.
4.) We argue over the final script.
5.) Matt lies to everyone and says we will film all the ideas to see which one works best, but actually plans on only shooting his.
6.) On set, we argue about not shooting all the ideas.
7.) The best argument wins.
8.) 1/3 of the ideas work.
9.) Everyone loses their mind (and hair) in post-production)
10.) The fun begins all over again!

What are you hoping to achieve in the future?

We have some film projects we are trying to get financed, but are looking forward to continuing with commercial and music video production. Really looking to kick our productions up a notch and push our own boundaries. We got some new equipment we are dying to test as well.
-Matt, Troy, Kiowa
Can’t get enough RexFX? Check out their website here!

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