Memoires of a very Harry Potter Obsession

I never “liked” Harry Potter…. I was utterly in love with Harry Potter. Obsessed would be another way to put it; Complete, sheer obsession.  From the moment the doors of Hogwarts opened and little Harry, Ron and Hermione entered the realm of excitement and magic, I believed that was my calling. I even spent several days arguing with my mom that there was no need to go to “muggle” school because my owl had obviously gotten lost on its way to America. Duh.

By the age of 18, I had convinced a group of friends to create Dumbledore Army tee-shirts for the release of the new Harry Potter movie. My friends, typical teenage girls, enjoyed creating the shirts because, well, teenage girls love creating matching outfits. I, however, looked at it a little differently. I saw myself as a proud member of Dumbledore’s Army, ready to fight Voldermort and the Death Eaters. I proudly flaunted my shirt through the halls of high school.

Even throughout college, I had a huge Harry Potter poster above my bed, not ashamed when potential boyfriends (even though Harry was always #1) came over and oddly shook their head in the poster’s direction.

Eventually my Harry Potter obsession settled down. I started making decisions in a less Harry Potter way: taking down my Harry Potter poster in exchange for a Monet print, exchanging my Dumbledore Army tee shirt for Urban Outfitters….making sure to never bring up that “lost owl” conversation with my mom ever again.

I now don’t need any outside artifacts to demonstrate my love for Harry Potter, but I still have this tiny little obsession inside. Thanks to the new Harry Potter Kinect game, I can ease that little obsession and go back to my childhood days, reliving my fantasy of walking down the halls of Hogwarts! Joining the Gryffindor table and embarking on fantastic journeys. Even going on that special date with Cedric Diggory (Alright, that crush came later in life. And he may have changed his name to Edward).

What I love most about Harry Potter is I’m not the only one with this little obsession. Every generation from now on will have a new group of wanna-be Hogwarts students. Now because of Harry Potter for Kinect, no matter what age you are, anyone can relive their Hogwarts fantasy.

Right now Zooppa has an online Harry Potter for Kinect: A WB Original Musical Score Contest! Go check it out to experience some Harry Potter awesomeness or submit your own musical score to the contest!

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