A Message From Raindance: 10 Reasons Why You Should Join Zooppa

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Like we said last week, we could not be more excited about our new partnership with Raindance Film Festival. Recently, Raindance was kind enough to do  a write-up on 10 reasons why creatives should get involved in our platform! If you weren’t convinced already, keep reading to learn how we can benefit your creative career!

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10 Reasons why you should join Zooppa

Do you want to meet new creatives and share your projects?! Join the global social network for creative: Zooppa.

Zooppa is a global social network for creative talent that partners with companies to launch user-generated advertising campaigns.

Below are 10 reasons why you should definitely join Zooppa.

1. Meet new creatives to collaborate on your project

Meet and work with people around you who share the same love and passion as you do. Not only does it improve your teamworking skills, but it also improves your knowledge and enjoyment of the project.

2. Participate in contests

The more competition, the better your project will be. Learn from other peoples’ projects, while they learn from yours. Zooppa has loads of different creative projects that all involve design.

3. Get experience in the film/advertising industry

If you want Film or Advertising experience there is no better way than to join Zooppa. Zoopa partners with companies to give film makers and designers the opportunity to create ads for these leading brands and advance these skills.

4. Expand Your portfolio

Thanks to Zooppa you can build your portfolio through online video contests & design competitions from top brands. Grow your portfolio and have your work seen by millions!

5. Have fun doing what you love

If you love advertising and filming, then you will enjoy working with Zooppa.

6. Receive amazing prizes

As a member, you can compete for a share of contest prizes (over $1.6M awarded so far). Zooppa provides a creative brief, you create your masterpiece, the client and community selects the winners and the winners get paid. It’s that simple. See current opportunities at http://zooppa.com/contests

7. Join one of the biggest creative communities

Today Zooppa has more than 251,000 members worldwide, all with creative minds and ideas ready to be shared with you.

8. Get your work seen in front of top executives in the marketing and advertising industry

Zooppa is partners with some of the biggest companies in the world and therefore these Zooppa projects are the perfect way to be noticed by them. Zooppa’s clients include brands such asGoogleNikeHershey’sGeneral MillsMicrosoftNBC UniversalZinio, and Mini Cooper. As well as agencies including OgilvyBBDOLeo BurnettSaatchi & SaatchiMind share andZenithOptimedia.

9. Practice your latest techniques on a real advertising brief

All of the projects represent perfect ways to show off your talents for advertising and film making on real advertising briefs.

10. Stay up to date with the latest industry updates and trends through newsletters and social channels

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Useful links

See more on Instagram: http://instagram.com/zooppaeurope,Twitter: https://twitter.com/ZooppaEUand WordPress: http://blog.zooppa.com/

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