Miami Ad School Invites Zooppa To Industry Heroes Lecture Series!

Recently, one of the world’s top advertising schools and Zooppa Creative Network member, the Miami Ad School, invited the Zooppa team to host a workshop for students as part of the Industry Heroes lecture series. Chris Daniels, a Brand Crowdsourcing Specialist, and Jordan Mederich, a senior member of Zooppa’s creative community, traveled down to South Florida to share their perspectives on working with Fortune 100 brands for various crowdsourcing projects.

With 120 of the school’s students attending, Chris and Jordan talked about the evolving role of crowdsourcing in today’s advertising industry, how Zooppa works and offered some key insights on producing original content while staying true to their art.

The visit culminated with a mini-workshop with MAS students to improve their creativity and technical skills where students were tasked with creating videos for Chevron’s video campaign to raise awareness around the fight against AIDS and then received one-on-one critiques of their videos – many of which were submitted to Chevron’s campaign on Zooppa’s website. (ALSO: If you haven’t already, view winning submissions to that campaign here.)

The Miami Ad School is a long-standing member of Zooppa’s Creative Network. Collaboration between the two organization started back in 2008 when the School staged a video contest on the Zooppa platform for content to promote one of their schools located in São Paulo, Brazil.  Zooppa’s Creative Network is a group of universities, communities and organizations who are developing the next generation of creative talent by providing opportunities to collaborate projects with big brands.

Below are clips from both Chris and Jordan’s lectures to the Miami Ad School student body.

We had a lot of fun at this event! Watch the videos! You’ll learn something about crowdsourcing and what Zooppa does! Check out a few more photos from the event!


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