Monsters Jam

“What’s out there? … It looks like a tiny budget.”

Want to make a movie for under 15k? Here’s how.

Write a script.  Get a camera.  Find some awesome, volunteer actors and finally get Adobe Production Suite 5.5.

VOILA!  You have a feature film.

Sounds impossible?  Gareth says it ain’t.

Gareth Edwards started in the realm of digital effects and gradually evolved into a director.  He says Monsters, his first full length feature, was shot for under $15k.

Check out this documentary on the work (commissioned by Adobe, no less):

Confidence, a Camera and a Magic Button

With the power of crowd funding, making a film is easier than you think.  All it really takes is a good story and dedication to see it through.  And with the magic of digital filmmaking, it is easier and cheaper than you might think to create stunning special effects.

Another great example of zero-to-hero filmmaking is District 9. Admittedly, the feature film you saw had a much bigger budget than Monsters. But it started as a six-minute film, Alive in Joburg, made with guerilla-style mockumentary effects and real-life interviews. The director, Neill Blomkamp, got major production money and made his dream an Oscar-nominated reality.

Moral of the Story: Write Your Script

Get it on paper!  Don’t be intimidated by Hollywood!!  You never know if your short could turn into a full blown big budget feature these days, and there is always room for something original!

Just take it from Mr. Ed[wards]:  “All filmmaking is fake.” So what do you really have to lose?



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