Multiple Contests Closing!

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The end of February has proven to be very busy for then just ashort span of one week, we five different campaigns closing!

The first to close on Friday was Philip-Disney: Bring a Child’s Imagination to Life. The focus of each video was to be on a child and the wonders of his/her imagination. With few limitations other than this, a wide array of children from across the globe got the spotlight in over 90 adorable videos.

The following Monday, the Zest: Indulge Yourself contest closed. In this campaign, filmmakers were asked to submit 15-30 second spots enticing women to try their new Creamy Cocoa Butter & Shea Moisturizing Body Wash and Bar Soap. The open brief gave creatives a myriad of ways to approach the project, resulting in videos of all genres!


Just a few days later, both the IBM: People for Smarter Cities and Green Giant Fresh: The Recipes of Life contests ended. Green Giant Fresh was seeking chefs to submit their favorite recipes through film, print or concepts. Needless to say, everyone at Zooppa was eager to take an early lunch break that day…

IBM asked filmmakers to submit short, documentary style films sharing stories of urban progress and innovation. The campaign resulted in filmmakers, innovators and forward thinkers from all over the world helping IBM progress towards creating truly smarter cities.

The last campaign closes tomorrow and it already has over 700 submissions! The JWT: Social Animals photography project asked individuals to celebrate family and friends by capturing a natural moment of happiness and bliss in a photo. With one more day to go, we can only anticipate many more entries to come!

green giant

Thank you Zooppers for making these campaigns so great. We’re looking forward to seeing more work from your brilliant, creative minds in the near future!


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