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There was a really great video submitted at the end of the Clarisonic contest that ended in February. Clarisonic liked Mitsuyo’s video but couldn’t use it because she had a copyrighted song in her entry. Copyright owners have the exclusive right to print, publish, copy, and sell their protected works. So we can’t use it.

Now…have you ever done karaoke? Bear with me for a second.

Have you ever flipped through the pages of the song list and come across a song that you recognize then look to see who sings it and it’s by PD?

“Who is PD?” You wonder…

PD means Public Domain and there are tons of songs in the public domain that appear in karaoke songbooks, movies, TV shows and even commercials. It’s because songs in the public domain are fair game, free to use and you can manipulate them any way you see fit.

People usually think that the Happy Birthday song is Public Domain. It is not! That’s why chain restaurants make their own birthday song when they serve a customer who’s celebrating a birthday at their establishment.

PD songs are abundant and completely free. Do an internet search for “public domain songs” and see what you come up with. You’ll probably find a song that fits your project. However, If you need a music recording – even a recording of a public domain song – you will have to record it yourself. The sheet music and the notes are usually found online. Links below.

On a side note: some commercials don’t even have music in them. The current Intel commercials have minimal music except people talking and the jingle at the end.

One final note, do you know why Disney movies are usually based on fairy tales? That’s right, fairy tales are public domain!

Here are some handy links:

This site is set up like a blog

Huge resource, free registration for 5 downloads a day.

Please remember to check your facts before downloading music. Make sure they really are Public Domain and free to use!

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