Music Monday – 10/28/11



Welcome to our first Music Monday!

Music Monday is a feature brought to you by Zooppa where we highlight music videos or any news that has to do with music, film, or video.


Future Islands – Give Us the Wind from Thrill Jockey Records on Vimeo.


Future Islands –  “Give Us the Wind”

“Give Us the Wind” is off of Future Islands new album On the Water. The band is from Baltimore and Mike Anderson directs the video.


I think the video deserves a highlight because once you get down to analyzing it, this video seems really cheap to make, however just because it looks cheap doesn’t mean that it can’t pack an emotional wallop.


The video hits you with melancholia like a tidal wave and yet as far as special effects go, sure, there’s a body poking out of the sand and some pixilation but the use of light and shadow does most of the work. So, some harsh low key lighting, stark contrast, and use of black and white film will make a video more interesting to any viewer.


Part of this gloom-and-doom feeling that comes across is from to the song but the visuals do deserve some credit. They’re mysterious, intriguing, but also somber. They play off the music well and because of that the viewer is impacted emotionally.


A cool music video for anyone interested.

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