Music Monday – 11/7/11


This Music Monday we’re taking a break from our parade of interesting music videos to talk about something that has to do with music and commercials, commercials [submitted to Zooppa] that use popular songs without authorized permission.


I know that urge that comes over you when it comes time to choosing a song for your video. I know where that urge comes from. I know also how easy it is in this digital age to just import a music file by one of your favorite artists, throw it into your video, and consider yourself a genius video director/editor/professional commercial filmmaker.


All of that is wrong.


If you submit a video to Zooppa, and the video contains popular works by some of the biggest artists of today (for example: Lady Gaga, The Beatles, Coldplay,) and you did not get a commercial license from said artist, chances are your video will not get picked as a top place contestant.




Zooppa has no intention of getting sued by the record business.

If you’re in need of getting music for your commercial, the best thing you can do is hire a musician to make a score for you.


Remember: Legally Purchased music is for personal and home use. Any other use is copy infringement unless you have written consent from the artist of your interest.


And by all means, request permission to use an artist’s material. Who knows? You might get a response.

The Black Eyed Peas are all about product integration.


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