Music Monday: fun.’s “We Are Young”

Now this music video that looks like a thriller to be in: More than a hundred bodies were tossed in the air, a stuffed animal was ripped apart and his fluffy insides drowned some people, and a couple got to make out with food all over their faces (Not to mention a bottle broken on someone’s head?).

The cool thing about this video? You don’t get what you would expect. It starts out a little typical. A little cliche for a band like this…Beginning with everyone dressed in crisp-looking suits performing in a small night club. It then takes off and morphs into one of the coolest videos we’ve seen in a while. Let’s be honest: Everything looks cooler slowed down. WAY cooler. Without the slow-mo it would have just looked like a medley of chaos, and we would have expected it to be paired with a head banging grunge song. This video was created the exact way it should have been. A catchy tune mixed with an avalanche of drama made the video complete.

Note to filmmakers: This is exactly where music videos should be heading. We’re past the typical telling-a-story cliche. That’s what the nineties and early 2000’s were for. Videos like this catch our attention, and get us talking… even if they are out of left field.

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