Music Monday: Michel Gondry With the Lid Off

I was just hanging out here at the office, listening to some internet tunes, when a gem from the 90’s popped up: “Lucas With the Lid Off” Not only was I pleased to hear this catchy upbeat little rap ditty that I enjoyed from my youth, it also brought images of the fantastically cool music video jumping into my head. It’s a black and white crazy maze of frames within frames zipping from one to the other, looping back on itself and all done as one shot.

“Lucas with the Lid Off” was directed by none-other than one-shot video master,Michel Gondry, Academy Award Winner. He didn’t win for “Lucas With the Lid Off,” of course, but in that video you can see some examples of techniques he liked to use in his feature films. Check out the music video below and then do yourself a favor and go rent “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind”. Nothing like watching some creativity to kickstart some ideas in your own head.


Jasmine Moore

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