My BookRenter “Dream Big” Contest Entry

I went to school at USC. As a Seattle native, the weather alone was incentive enough to attend college in Los Angeles. Add the glitz and glamour of Hollywood, the Third Street Promenade in Santa Monica, choice beaches, and it’s easy to see why I bolted to the City of Angels.

I loved everything about the time I spent at USC…well, almost everything. Like many students, I lived on a meager budget. My college loans were just enough to cover tuition, food and rent. Having a little extra cash would have changed how I lived day-to-day. For example, it would’ve been sensational to start the day with a vanilla café latte. And since Starbucks coffee can get pretty pricy, having an espresso machine would have been a smart investment. But I didn’t have an espresso machine; and I only bought the occasional Starbucks coffee. Let’s just say that my mornings were rough. It also would have been fantastic to spend the time between classes entertaining myself on an iPad, instead of daydreaming deliriously while catching up on my readings. Lastly, it would have been fabulous to attend the occasional Lakers game. I can’t believe that I spent all that time in LA and never once saw Kobe play during the championship run in ’10! Like I said, I loved most everything about attending USC.

What kills me is, all I really needed was an extra $500. $500 could have meant that I started the day with a latte and thoroughly entertained myself all day on an iPad. Or it could’ve meant attending a Lakers game and taking in the sights and sounds at Coachella.


So what, if my entry is off brief – I’m not eligible for the contest anyways! Not only am I steaming about the fact that I can’t participate. But I’m also furious at myself for not knowing about BookRenter.com while I was attending college. So, I encourage people to participate in the BookRenter Dream Big video contest. Here’s your chance to recoup some of your college expenses! Contest ends July 20th.


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