My favorite Commercial Season: The Summer Olympics

Every four years I wait patiently for the events that are about to unfold, the summer Olympics. The glory for each nation and the courage of each individual athlete from around the world are some of the most inspiring moments in my life. But even beyond that, I wait for the commercials. You can compare it to the Superbowl, where yes, the game is important, but the commercials are exceptional. It might seem odd I have a fixation on Olympic commercials, but It has been an obsession of mine from a young age.

Perhaps it’s because in my prime I was an athlete. During those years there were many Olympic commercials that I would watch and re watch a thousand times just to have that feeling of inspiration and the idea that I too could be invincible.

In 2004, I was in the midst of Varsity Soccer try-outs and this commercial became a slogan of mine.

Impossible is Nothing

Or maybe it is because I love my mom, who sacrificed her freedom to taxi my siblings and I back and forth from games, practices, and meets, never complaining and always supportive. Most Olympics have a commercial shout out to those parents who put sweat and tears into the success of their child.

Best Job. P&G London 2012 Olympic Game Film

Or perhaps my obsession can be narrowed down to two names: Morgon Freeman and Micheal Phelps. The prior with his incredibly soothing voice and the later… for always being in a Speedo.

8 Gold Medals Micheal Phelps. Go World.

So next time a commercial for the Olympics comes on, close your eyes and remember, impossible is nothing.

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