MyCube Contest Winners Announced

Hi Zooppa Bloogg readers!

If you want to see some great ads, check these out! It’s the MyCube award winners! Congrats everybody!

1st Place Client Award, $4000: VALERYA, “Connect with Your Passion”

2nd Place Client Award, $2000: elangley, “Tim Sasaki for MyCube”

3rd Place Client Award, $1000: hourfilms, “MyCube: What’s Your Passion”

4th Place Client Award, $500: vinnievega, “What do you like?”

5th Place Client Award, $500: nkproductions, “My Love for Bunnies”

6th Place Client Award, $500: IMPROVTOO, “The Artist Exchange-MYCUBE”

1st Place Voting Award, $800: VALERYA, “Connect with Your Passion”

2nd Place Voting Award, $400: redaurora, “Sharing Cubes”

3rd Place Voting Award, $200: clamorte, “MyCube: Share Your Passion”

4th Place Voting Award, $100: AliPaterson, “MyCube Friends”

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