Nascar hires 14-Year-Old Director for Ad

“If we can get kids interested in Nascar and our drivers at an early age, they become fans for life” – Jill Gregory, Nascar’s CMO

Nascar started the Acceleration Nation program to be a fun and educational way for younger kids to interact with racing. The program is geared towards STEM initiatives, which stands for science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. Acceleration Nation gives youth their first experience in what Nascar is all about through related math and science lessons. The goal is to make learning engaging and fun, while also creating loyal and long lasting fans.

In order to attract the next generation, the company turned its attention to 14-year-old director, Amelia Conway. She directed their new ad that promotes the Acceleration Nation program which features kids in lab coats teaching a classroom full of professional drivers, including Austin Dillon.

77 Ventures, an ad agency, helped create the video.

“With STEM, a lot of the principles in Nascar apply to what they’re already learning in school, so it’s a natural tie-in for us,” Gregory said. “Putting racing into curriculums makes it more interesting to kids. It’s a benefit for them and their teachers, and it’s a benefit for us to get Nascar in front of audiences who might not be exposed to it, so it’s a win-win.”


Chantal Wong

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