Need a Production Crew to Create a Video? Try Spidvid

Exciting Zooppa commercial competition, check.

BIG idea, check.

Director, videographer, actress, gaffer, best boy, voiceover, animator, editor….wait.

If the only thing standing between you and the creative execution of your big idea is a crew and some cheap talent, you might want to click on over to Spidvid and consider using the power of crowdsourcing (there’s that word again) to excavate the talent you need to transform your creative carbon into a digital gem that will dazzle the Zooppa community.

Spidvid is a social platform that unites and empowers video creators/filmmakers and other like-minded creatives to connect, form production teams, collaborate, create and distribute content, and automatically give credit and compensation back to each team member involved. Teams can include members from any location and be formed locally, nationally, or globally.

For a preview of the digital stylings of the talent pool you will have access to, preview videos created by the Spidvid community at UnLeashVideo.

Also worth checking out is the Spidvid blog and Spidcast, where you can listen in on conversations about how to find the talent, leverage the power of collaboration and rethink production while learning about useful tools and resources to make producing videos faster, easier, and more fun. Guests include executives, reporters, actors, writers, directors,producers, music artists, and Spidvid members.

If you have a vision and are ready to embark on your quest towards becoming the next Zoopperstar, then Spidvid just might be the place to start.  Next stop, crowdsourcing craft services.

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