Need Some ‘Motif-ation’?

Throughout many artistic mediums, there are common themes, or motifs, which tie together a story or multiple stories. This is no different with branding! A motif is defined as a repeating theme or subject in artistic works.

In Irish tradition there is the clover, green in the Irish flag, and leprechauns, among many more examples. The Leprechaun, in particular, may be the most recognizable element of Irish lore. Leprechauns appear in mythology, as university logos, cartoons, movies, advertising, professional sports logos, and in St. Patrick’s Day merchandise.

As all of you know, each of our contests follow a theme, or motif if you will, which is provided in each brief. For instance: Our ‘Guerilla Greenings’ follows the motif of green, which has come to unofficially be closely associated with Ireland. Downtown Dublin is a sea of green on St. Patrick’s Day; a product of successful branding.

Our ‘Guerilla Greenings’ contest requires users to turn the world around them green (not through digital manipulation, however, rather through natural means), in honor of Ireland. What if you had a micro-motif in your user-created videos? Instead of finding Waldo, you could have a small leprechaun hiding in each shot! Maybe you make clothing out of clovers!

Whatever you decide to do, just decide to have fun with your submissions and make it unique! Who knows what you will find at the end of your rainbow? There may be a pot o’ gold waiting (in the form of contest prize money)!

Jer’rel L. Coleman is a new member of the Zooppa team. He is a social media campaign manager intern who is currently working on the ‘Guerrilla Greenings’ project, and is open to questions on the forum, and will be periodically writing posts relevant to events and the Zooppa community!

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