Negroni: we’ve seen it.

How many of you were able to have a personal meeting with a bottle of the historical Independent Label? We’ve had it, boys, at Summer Jamboree, in Senigallia. Do you know it? It’s a very nice happening-party inspired by the stars and strips 50s world. The participants come from all Europe with their flaming Cadillacs, chromate Harleys, Chuck Berry’s records. The girls are dressed and adorned in accordance with the then fashion. You listen to strictly rock&roll and the hamburgers are served in stalls similar to those American bars of Happy Days. Well, this year we’ve been at Summer Jamboree by chance, while on holidays… And what we found there? Elvis? No, even better: Negroni, in person, well, in bottle. Not by chance, the official sponsor of the happening. We saw and touched Negroni Old and drank it in both pure and spritz versions. Now there are not doubts anymore, guys, Negroni is back. Finding Negroni is not difficult if you go to special places. Besides we discovered some fanciful candies. For exemple, the back of the front label, visible only when the bottle is empty: shows images of historical and seductive pin-ups. As you can see from our photos, Negroni’s image doesn’t despise audacity.

Meme E

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