New Contest Alert! Pizza Hut! Hut! Hut!

Howdy, howdy, Zooppa Trooppas! An exciting new contest coming to you from Pizza Hut!  It’s a great opportunity to get outside with your friends with a box of pizza and a football!  Or to to stay inside with a box of pizza and a football! The important take-way is this: Pizza and Football.

Here’s a little taste of the contest brief:

“It’s been said that quarterbacks actually say “Hut, hut, hut!” because they are craving a slice from the one and only Pizza Hut.

In celebration of that made up “fact,” we want you to go out there and create a video featuring the phrase “Hut, hut, hut!”

Grab your friends and let’s hear your “hut”. You can show us a standard hut with a football, but don’t be afraid to give us your unique spin on it and show us something we haven’t seen before. Is it a crowd playing “football” or just the action between your QB and the center?

And, if you get a little hungry along the way of creating your masterpiece, order yourself a $10 Any pizza when you carry-out on pizzahut.com and keep those creative juices flowing.

Create a 10-15 second video where you feature the phrase, “Hut!” , as many or little times as you like, said in whatever cadence your QB prefers. Make it all about football, and a little bit about Pizza Hut! (one submission allowed during the contest period)”

There are ten Zooppa Honorable Mentions of $500 each, and best of all, your video, or part of it, has the potential to be used in a spot before the Big Game! (The Big Football Game. Between the best two teams. I think you know what game I’m talking about.)

To read the full brief and check out all the rules and regulations, go here!

Are you ready, filmmakers? Hut, hut, hut…!

Meme E

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