New Contest on Zooppa: Design Our Mascot!

Who or what will be Zooppa’s new mascot?

So, you’re a designer with all kinds of character ideas in your brain and you can’t wait to put them on the page? You’re an animator with a slick but quirky sense of energy and personality? You’re a dude you wants to dress up on a big blue and grey slinky suit and dance around on camera?

Well, that means you are the perfect person to submit to the Zooppa Mascot Challenge! We’re looking for the perfect li’l character, be it a person, an animal, a…whatever-it-is, that will perfectly integrate into our website and promote our commitment to crowd creativity, design, videos and all around good ideas.

This contest is a fantastic opportunity for the chance to have your work seen all over the world by both creatives like yourself, and some of the world’s biggest brands.

Read the contest brief and then submit your idea for a chance to win $500 and some major exposure. We can’t wait to see what you come up with!

Meme E

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