Zooppa.com launches the new season with a new graphic restyling, thought and achieved to offer better services to both companies and its own community users. The new website presents a better organization of contents, studied to ease the interaction among users and to face their always new demands. Besides bringing improvements to the already numerous features, the section Community had special attention, it was rationalized and designed to ease the navigation and to let users, creative lymph of the social networks, reach the desired sections immediately. The improvements also handle technical aspects: the platform that supports Zooppa.com was rendered more stable, performing and fit to future expansions.

This new versions of the site represents another winning post for Zooppa.com, always careful to pursue its own mission, convinced that in the Web 2.0 companies must be constantly ready to innovate, meeting and anticipating users and clients’ always mutable demands.

These changes integrate a wider project that prepares Zooppa.com to face new important objectives, among which the conquest of other foreign markets after the Brazilian one.

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