New Partner: Cinefile.com

Hey Zooppers,

We got a new partner last May! Partners are usually schools that have developed a relationship with Zooppa. Our new partner, Cinefile is a social network not just for filmmakers but for all industry professionals.

Here is what they’re about:

Cinefile’s mission: To connect, promote and grow a new media industry into a new motion picture market.

New technology and new methods of production, self-promotion and distribution are creating dynamic opportunities not only for motion picture creators but also for new talent, businesses and organizations working within the new media motion picture spectrum. What’s missing is an informed, interactive community that is entirely focused on growing and supporting it all. Cinefile provides a unique and powerful networking platform through which Industry Professionals can network, interact and promote their work and businesses to each other as well as to passionate fans in order to shape the future of independent movies.

Pretty exciting stuff here. I’ve joined and post about Zooppa all the time, so sign up and follow me on Cinefile.

Take it easy,

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