New Partnership with Digital Film Academy

DFADear Zooppers,


If there is one thing that we love at Zooppa, it’s networking. We like to bring ideas to life, meet new people, support new projects and partner with new platforms.


Zooppa’s community is growing quickly. People from all over the world are joining our platform and discovering the joys of crowdsourcing and hopefully soon enough we’ll be 300,000 members.


We’re also developing our marketing strategies and creating partnerships with different organizations, schools, film festivals and creative platforms in order to connect all the creatives of this world and work together! Exciting, right?


All this to say that we have an amazing new partner on board coming from the other side of the world! We are so proud to announce that the Digital Film Academy in Istanbul, Turkey is our newest partner!


The Digital Film Academy, also known in the industry as DFA, is one of the top international film schools in the world based in Istanbul, Turkey. The school provides the training and skills that are vital for every independent filmmaker.


The digital revolution has brought a lot of opportunities for skilled and non-skilled filmmakers. The DFA aims to train those who need the knowledge to produce their creative visual storytelling works. By offering hands-on digital filmmaking instruction taught by experienced industry professionals in a progressive, challenging, and supportive small class environment, with unlimited lab time, DFA provides the student a creative learning environment to become a truly independent filmmaker.


Upon acceptance into DFA’s Digital Filmmaking courses, you will shoot and finish your own short narrative or documentary, from concept to script to screen. The crafts of screenwriting, producing, camera work, sound engineering, and lighting techniques are covered in-depth, in addition to communicating your vision by directing the actor and directing the camera. You will learn the art of digital editing by completing full post-production on your project through visual and sound editing and DVD authoring. When you complete the course of your choice, you will receive not only a certificate, but also a real calling card for the industry: a DVD of your own film. Join the Evolution!


Check all the DFA courses here: http://digitalfilmacademy.com.tr/

Join them on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/dfaistanbul

Get in touch with the DFA: info@dfa.com.tr

Jasmine Moore


  1. Its great idea zoopa. I am very interesting to become a movie maker. Its my life ambition. Please tell me more details about film academy


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