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Dear Zooppers,


A few things we like here at Zooppa are videos and people with great ideas. The other day we got in touch with Adam Snowden, a very creative graduate film student and founder of Film Debate.


Right away we felt that we could do something together and that this could be a great chance for us to network and support creative platforms that our community members would enjoy.


After discussing a few ideas, we decided to become partners in crime. We quickly realized how important this collaboration would be for our community members. They would have the chance to read great articles about the film industry and also connect with people with the same interests and mindset.


To tell you a bit more, Film Debate is an online media platform with two main goals: film criticism and journalism. This encompasses writing reviews, articles, debates and much more in order to cover all aspects of film and cinema. The platform also aims to film networking and promotion.


FilmDebate promotes the work of others, whether it is a script, a film, or any form of media, in the hope of building a film network in which people can promote and be promoted, as well as offering a range of articles and reviews on the side!


The platform was founded four years ago by Adam Snowden, a graduate film student based in the UK. The website quickly became popular among students and film aficionados who regularly shared interesting content and who wanted to develop a network of film critics and of people who have always felt the need to share ideas.


Film Debate has now 16 contributors and keeps growing every day! If you like writing about film and wish to join this creative team just drop an email to FilmDebate@hotmail.com. Also, make sure you like them on Facebook and follow them on Twitter.

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