New Tech Talk MegaPath Video Contest

I hope you are all as excited as I am! Zooppa now has seven open contests, the most we have ever had running concurrently. One of the newcomers is Megapath who is hosting the Tech Talk Video Contest. Everyone should check it out because it is our biggest contest running currently. This contest is also unique due to its dual focus; both creative filmmakers and their analytical IT counterparts can participate.

Ends: 8/12/11
$30,000 in Prizes!!
60 seconds or less
Early Entry Date: 7/1/11

Your mission is as follows:
For Filmmakers—Create a video, up to 60 seconds long, that somehow features techies using obscure high-tech jargon to discuss the finer points of communications technology. If you are not fluent in tech speak, don’t fret! You can download the jargon dictionary provided in the materials files to get ideas and verify the correct usage of terms.

Your video could be about techies arguing different points, trying to convince a boss about an obscure point, or it could just be techies waxing poetic about their high-tech muses. As you might imagine, there is a lot of room for humor in these videos. However, don’t forget that the tech talk needs to come through loud and clear. It may help to use graphics or text to spell out more complex terms.

For IT Professionals—MegaPath’s partners—We have a special opportunity for you. Because you understand this kind of tech talk, we want you to participate as well. We have set aside a special section of prizes just for you (see Awards section). Additionally, there is a Jargon Contest for IT Professionals. Enter your favorite tech term via Twitter or the Comments field on the Jargon Dictionary page for a chance at a $500 prize. See the Jargon Dictionary page or Rules page to learn how to participate in the Jargon contest.

Best of luck,

Jasmine Moore

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